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Airport Facilities

Airport Facilities

On Larnaca International Airport the passengers and visitors are provided with the best possible level of service.

  • Parking

    Larnaca International Airport offers 1000 parking spaces for the public which have been allocated for short term and long term parking. Free parking is available for 20 minutes in all public parkin...

  • Taxis

    A "Taxi Office" is available on a 24-hour basis at Larnaca International Airport, located on the right as you exit the terminal building. Or book your taxi online!

  • Car Rental

  • Buses

    The Limassol Urban Bus Company will transport you from Limassol to Larnaca airport and back, by d...

  • Disabled visitors

    Special parking spaces have been allocated for the facilitation of people with reduced mobility l...

  • Lost & Found

    Contact your airline first if you have a problem with lost suitcases or other items. Then check with restaurants, taxis, buses, and other services before checking with the Larnaca Services Lost & F...

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